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Old house of the Cura and Calle de la Reja

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Next to the church we can see the first priest’s house, one of the oldest houses on the route and Albox. It shares a wall with the church and was built in 1750. During the 18th century it was the parish priest’s house and was put up for public auction during the disentailment of Mendizábal in 1835. A great-great-grandfather of María del Saliente, a neighbor of Albox, bid for it and got it. The balconies overlooking the street Escritor Diego Granados, are from the nineteenth century and it would be Don Miguel Sanchez, who put those balconies, limestone, porous and light color between yellowish and brown, of the Marcelinos. Its main balcony is identical to that of the sanctuary of the salient, with forged base. In addition, it maintains its original marble staircase and this construction preserves its original materials.
Now let’s talk about the street Escritor Diego Granados, formerly called Canalejas Street for a visit to the municipality of the Spanish liberal lawyer and politician and formerly known as Calle de la reja de la cárcel (Prison Grille Street). It was so named because the street started from what used to be a municipal building that served as a barracks. In its basement were the dungeons, with no more illumination than that which entered through half a meter of windows, flush to the ground and protected with a grille. At the beginning of 1900 one of the most important people of Albox at that time, Pio Fernández y Fernández, bought the building and commissioned the architect Amós Salvador Carreras, brother of the grandfather of Miguel Boyer Salvador -Minister of Economy and Finance in the government of Felipe González-, to make a stately home with a neo-Mudejar façade combining Albox travertine and brick.

What do you think of this story? Surely you still want to know more. Well, I will continue revealing the details of other relevant places in Albox. In this case it is the turn of the Calle Sacristía and the Plaza de los Luceros.

Continue walking down the alley to the right of the church and head towards Sacristy Street, on this route you will pass in front of the colored door.

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