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Cruz Street, former Hermanos Vallés Street

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In Calle Cruz was the prison of Albox in the 19th century. The prison was entered through this street and had a grille that came out of the basement and could be seen from the square. The houses seen here belonged to wealthy families of the time. The house to the left of number 4, bought by Don Andrés Pio from the town hall, was a municipal building and may have been the town hall of the time. Number 4, which has a huge door and a vent below, was built by Don Andrés Pio’s son-in-law at the end of the 19th century. Don Eliseo Vallés married Don Andrés Pio’s daughter in 1896 and moved from Valencia to Albox, where he lived in this stately home.

The Vallés couple had five children. In 1923, the family had a business misfortune with one of the neighbors of the municipality. In January, during the festivities of San Ildefonso de Almanzora, with the town full of visitors, the eldest son of the Valles and his partner in a horse carriage business got into a battle, which ended with the death of the partner.

During the civil war, the five Vallés brothers were killed, four in Almería and one in Cazorla, because of their political condition, they were Republican leftists. They were killed for being rich because that stamp of “Republican Left” saved many people of Albox from being executed, but the brothers did not suffer the same fate. In memory of this family, years ago Cruz Street was called Calle Hermanos Valles.

Macabre end of these five brothers for their political ideals. Have you ever heard of it? Well, we continue unveiling more mysteries that enclose the walls of our town.

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